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There Are Many Ways To Help

Our crisis hotline and vital services are a full-time, year-round commitment. To provide the community with these services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we rely on our staff as well as our wonderful group of volunteers. Our volunteers are a very important part of our team and we could not offer these vital services if it were not for their hard work and devotion! We’re always looking to expand our team to better assist Erie County during the times of a mental health crisis. Learn more and apply at the links below!

Crisis Counseling Program

Volunteering with the Crisis Counseling Program (CCP)Crisis Services 24 hour hotline, located in Buffalo, NY.  By volunteering with the 24-hour hotline you would be afforded the opportunity to help others in times when they need someone the most –  in their time of crisis. The hotline responds to calls 24 hours a day on a wide variety of issues and also acts as the hub of the agency filtering the calls for the other programs. To become a member of the Crisis Counseling Team you must go through an extensive training program that provides you with the important information and necessary skills that you will utilize as a phone counselor.

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Advocate Program

The Advocate Program is the Rape Crisis Center for Erie County and can offer many services to any individual in the county who is affected by the trauma of family violence, rape and sexual assault.  The most valuable service we provide is 24 hour crisis intervention to assault victims, significant others and their family in 11 emergency departments in Erie County. To become a part of the Advocate Team we have an extensive training program which provides information on the dynamics of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, the medical and legal aspects a survivor encounters, and the emotional impact a survivor may experience after a sexual assault or domestic violence incident.

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Crisis First Responder

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