Police/Mental Health Coordination Project

Police Mental Health Coordination Project logoThe Police/Mental Health Coordination Project is a gathering of professionals and community members dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life of those whose lives are affected by mental illness.

Project participants meet and collaborate to develop a shared understanding of the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement officers, mental health service providers, consumer advocates, and community members to respond to the needs of individuals with mental illness and their families.

Project meetings are an opportunity to learn about the strengths and challenges of where we are today, and to work together to improve the community’s response.


Through Project meetings and activities, participants work to achieve these objectives:

  • Develop specific police/psychiatric emergency room interface protocols.
  • Improve the written reporting system by police to provide ER staff with information on 9.41 transports.
  • Develop and implement strategies to ensure brief police waiting time in the psychiatric emergency room.
  • Identify and provide training to police specific to the delivery of emergency level interventions with emotionally disturbed persons.

Additional Information
For additional information contact 834-2310 Ext. 4427 or e-mail at info@crisisservices.org

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