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The Journey--Stories of Crisis and Hope

The Journey - Stories of Crisis and Hope

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June 2020 Update

WE STAND: Rooted in Our Mission for Racial Equity in Crisis Care

WE STAND: Rooted in Our Mission for Racial Equity in Crisis Care

Our commitment to action, and not just words, will move our community forward with love and true freedom from suffering.

No one goes this alone, that we stay present through the crises of our neighbors, and stand rooted in our mission as we hold the urgent needs of our community.

At Crisis Services, we — like so many well-intended community organizations — strive towards diversity and inclusion, but we know, especially in these moments, that we need to reflect and determine how we can do better. Our community deserves better. Every day, we witness the impact of trauma, abuse, violence, and silent suffering and what it does to the soul of an individual.

Discrimination, oppression, racism, violence, stereotyping, bigotry, and prejudice have no place at Crisis Services, period.

The hate, racism, brutality, and violence has to stop and it begins with us.

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COVID-19 Update

Crisis Services’ COVID-19 Operational Position

Crisis Services’ COVID-19 Operational Position

In the 51 years of serving as our community’s only 24-hour Crisis Center, we’ve never closed our doors. And we don’t intend on closing in the midst of this public health crisis. Crisis Services is working around the clock to respond to and combat the impact COVID-19 continues to have on our community. As your only 24-hour Crisis Hotline, we are here and prepared to answer your call! Learn about where our services stand as of March 23, 2020, and consider making a donation as we continue to press on and persevere, from this moment forward.

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