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Join Crisis Services CEO Jessica C. Pirro Tuesdays at 11am EST for "The Journey--Stories of Crisis and Hope" on the VoiceAmerica Internet Radio Network Health and Wellness Channel. When crisis occurs there is an emotional and physical impact to ones wellbeing. As crisis first responders we have seen firsthand the impact that not dealing with crisis and trauma can have on a person’s sense of self, purpose and belief in happiness and hope. Tune in to hear real life experiences dealing with mental health, rape, domestic violence, suicide. We will talk about the signs and symptoms, as well as how you can help yourself, a friend or loved one in order to save a life and restore a sense of hope.

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In 2015, Crisis Services

Answered 85,204

Crisis Calls

Conducted 3,561

Outreach Mental Health Visits

Facilitated 1019

Homeless Placements

Responded to 998

Domestic/Sexual Violence Hospital Cases

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Every year, Crisis Services answers over 70,000 calls for help in Western New York. The good news? Your donations make it possible to help those in need. And there's even more good news: because we're a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all of your donations are fully tax-deductible.