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Press Conference – August 13 – Crisis Services and State Senator Tim Kennedy

Crisis Services and Senator Tim Kennedy stood together to call on the New York State Office of Victim Services (OVS) to reverse their decision to dramatically reduce funding for critical programs that support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Crisis Services recently learned that OVS funding they have received for over 20 years may be cut by over $300,000 – an unprecedented level, which is jeopardizing the future of several services and programs now available to victims in Erie County.

“For years, Western New Yorkers in need of help have always been able to turn to Crisis Services. They’ve been there for us, our families, our friends and neighbors. Now it’s our turn to be there for them,” said Senator Tim Kennedy. “This funding decision made within the bureaucracy of the Office of Victim Services is both misguided and unacceptable. It must be reversed immediately. Crisis Services has been a beacon of hope and the helping hand needed during times of distress. Without this critical funding, thousands of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault will be left without the services and support they need during their recovery and as they pursue justice.”

Senator Kennedy has launched an online petition drive to generate community support behind this push to restore funding for Crisis Services. Western New Yorkers are encouraged to sign the petition available at Senator Kennedy’s website at After gathering supporters, Kennedy and Crisis Services will deliver the petition to the director of the Office of Victim Services. An outpouring of community support often serves as a driving force prompting needed changes within state government.

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Men Who Cook 2014

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Crisis Services Partners in Elder Domestic Violence Shelter Network of Erie County


Elder DV Shelter

A press conference announcing the Elder Domestic Violence Shelter Network of Erie County took place on Friday June 13th. This is the result of a collaboration between Crisis Services and Legal Services for the Elderly. We are very excited about launching this initiative so that the most vulnerable in our community will now have a place they can reside without fear of elder abuse.   While the efforts of many have made this possible, we would especially like to thank our shelter partners, Absolut Care and the McGuire Group. We cannot think of a better way to celebrate World Elder Abuse awareness day than to bring attention to the efforts of those in our community to protect our seniors.

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Real People. Real Voices. Real Help. LaTasha’s Story.

LaTasha talks about coming to understand that she no longer has to play a role in the domestic violence that was a part of her life before Crisis Services.  Listen to her story.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Crisis Services is making a difference.  You can help!  Make your secure online contribution here and know that your gift to the Fall Appeal will provide for meaningful change in someone’s life.  Someone like Tony or Bernadette.   Thank you!

To listen to all of the Real People. Real Voices. Real Help videos, click here.

Real People. Real Voices. Real Help.

Listen.  Listen closely.  From every corner of our community you can hear them.  The voices of people touched.  Their stories, their pain, their courage.

The voices of those touched by tremendous loss and the voices of those pulled out of darkness.  Collectively these voices tell a story.  A story that started more than forty years ago but one that resonates even more strongly today.  A story that inspires many to want to help and many more that want to give.  We think you’ll want to give too.

Hear what people have to say about their personal experiences with Crisis Services — these first hand accounts are as moving as they are inspiring — and see what your support can do!

Real People. Real Voices. Real Help. – The Full Chorus on Vimeo.

If you’d like to add your own voice to the solution, please support the Crisis Services Fall Appeal Campaign today by making a secure online contribution today.

Thank you!

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