Community Education & Training

Crisis Services Staff provide the following types of educational presentations and specialized training as part of our agency’s mission. All presentations are tailored to the type of audience we are presenting to taking into account size, age, content and length of time allotted for the presentation. We are committed to educating our community about our organization and the issues we respond to 24 hours a day.

We offer two levels of educational opportunities outlined below.

Community Education

The following community education presentations are free of charge.

Staff will provide basic education and information about the following topics including resources and access to services. Presentations are appropriate for all age groups and will be adapted accordingly.

  • Overview of Crisis Services Programs and Services
  • Domestic Violence (Adolescents and Adults)
  • Family Violence
  • Rape and Sexual Assault (Adolescents and Adults)
  • Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

Crisis Services will send a representative to a community event or health fair to table and provide agency information and resources if staffing is available. If we are not available, we will arrange to provide copies of our agency brochures and information for distribution at the event or you are welcome to download our materials from our Information and Resources page. To request a Crisis Services’ representative for your event, please fill out the Speaker Request Form found here and fax to 834-9881 or email to

Professional Training

Fee structure by hour(s):
1 hour: $100
2 hours: $175
3 hours: $225

This amount covers the cost for the length of training and presentation preparation time. Usually one staff will be present to conduct training. If your group size is more than one person can reasonably handle, we may require additional staff which would result in an additional charge. we may need to require additional staff and have the ability to require an additional charge.

Staff will provide advanced training to professionals on the topic areas listed below. The training will provide an overview of the topic area, approaches and techniques in working with specific populations/issues and service resources to respond. Depending on the training length, we will determine the level of content and activities planned for the training.

  • Suicide Awareness and Lethality Assessments (Length -2 hours)
  • Domestic Violence (Adolescents and Adults)
  • Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
  • Elder Abuse
  • Rape and Sexual Assault (Adolescents and Adults)
  • Health Care Response to Rape
  • SANE Program Overview and Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault
  • Health Care Response to Domestic Violence and/or Elder Abuse (Screening and Identification)
  • Law Enforcement Response to Elder Abuse
  • Homelessness (Shelter Resources, Housing and Entitlements)

For more information or to make a request, please fill out the Speaker Request Form found here and fax to 834-9881 or email to

Professional Consultation

The staff of Crisis Services has extensive expertise in the various issues our agency addresses. If you are in need of consultation on program or policy development for your company or agency, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Our staff has assisted many organizations by reviewing policies, developing trainings and curricula, and providing thoughtful guidance. In order to ensure that your response to mental health, sexual violence, domestic violence, or homelessness is comprehensive and effective, please fill out the Speaker Request Form found here and fax to 834-9881 or email to

These services generally start at a fee of $100 per hour but can be adjusted based on need and time spent on your project.

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